Surprising Ways To Use Online Transcription

Less conventional ways to use online transcription

It is just amazing to see how fast technology is developing today. Just think about it: a few decades or even years ago we couldn’t have imagined how our lives would look like today. Devices, tools and services are being invented every day and they make our work life and our private life simpler and more productive.

Among those innovative services offered today are also online transcriptions. Those are being increasingly used worldwide and are a great solution for many professionals with tight deadlines. A positive thing is that it is possible to transcribe all kinds of audio files to a text file: journalist interviews, podcasts, court hearings, business meetings etc.

In the past, transcriptions could only be done manually. This way of transcribing was time-consuming and not very efficient. Today, things have changed and there are more and more possibilities to just let an online service do the transcription for you and save yourself valuable time. We will try to give you some ideas on how to use online transcriptions in some professional fields and how this can make life easier for some workers. Continue reading and find out more about some less conventional ways to use transcriptions. Maybe you will be surprised and find something interesting for yourself and your working environment in this article.

  1. Marketing
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As you know, video content is widely used in the world of marketing. And it takes a lot of effort to create it: it needs to be planned, shot and edited. Somehow, in the end, even if it turns out to be great, it isn’t always very rewarding because it usually has a brief lifespan. Just by transcribing videos, marketing experts (or marketing enthusiasts) can easily repurpose the content and make the most out of it. Repurposing content ensures that users who missed a particular video have a chance of receiving the message in another format. Reformatting marketing content means promotion and reaching different kind of audiences. In the end, that is good for business. Transcribing and repurposing video content helps to make the most out of marketing efforts. One possibility is to divide the video into smaller text parts and use it for different blog articles. One more tip on the side: written promotional texts will work wonders for SEO ranking of the webpage.

If you are working in the field of marketing, don’t miss out on potential audience! Transcribe a marketing video, create blog posts out of it and make the content accessible to readers, viewers and search crawlers.

2. Recruitment

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It is not easy to be a recruiter or to work in the HR field. First of all, you are working with people and that by itself isn’t always a walk in the park. Secondly, you need to “read” those people. Imagine, you are working in the HR department (maybe you are?) and you need to find the right candidate for a certain position in the company. Today, due to force majeure we are living in uncertain times, many people lost their jobs and probably you will have tons of applications for only one position. You work your way through the CVs of the applicants, analyze them and see who isn’t suitable for the vacancy. So far so good! But there is still a bunch of potential candidates you are now inviting for an interview. When you are done with those, it is time for you to decide who to hire. But often this decision doesn’t come naturally and it is hard to make the right choice.

Transcriptions can help you out. You might want to consider not only to take notes during the interviews, but to go a step further and record the conversation. This way you can go back to it, analyze what has been said, pay attention to details. If you want to avoid going back and forth, to rewind and fast-forward the type, to listen to interviews multiple times, only to find that one spot that you have been searching for, you can save up time by transcribing the audio file into a text file. If you have transcriptions of the conducted interviews, it will be much easier and faster to go through all of them (no matter how many of them you have done), compare them, make notes, pay attention to specific details, see what has been highlighted, analyze the answers given by each candidate and in the end, properly asses everyone and decide who is the best man (or woman) for the position. While helping to find the most suitable candidate, this will also help to make the hiring process more pleasant for the recruiter or the HR manager.

3. Online lessons

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Especially since the pandemic has made our everyday lives harder, many people tend to do more for themselves. Some of them invest in education, mostly by taking online lessons. It is a simple way to widen your horizons, learn something new, get that promotion, or for some students it is the only way to attend university. Online course participants adapt quickly: they watch or only listen to their tutor via Zoom or Skype, they take notes, do their homework and prepare for the next class. But the truth is, there are tools that could facilitate this process of preparing and learning for both the student and the tutor. A good way would be to record the lectures and let someone transcribe them afterwards. This would make it possible for students to have the lessons in front of them, they could mark what they find most important to memorize, concentrate on some passages, go back to the parts which weren’t very clear to them the first time they heard them… It would make the life of the students much easier. The tutors also would benefit from transcriptions, since they would not have to worry about delivering notes or summaries of the lectures to their students, and thus would have more time at their disposal to prepare for the next class.

4. Motivational speeches

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Motivational speakers are hired to give speeches at different events: conferences, conventions, summits and other events in the creative or cultural industries or the digital economy. Today, they are more popular than ever. And there are reasons for that. Motivational speakers are passionate about life and work, they are energetic and full of positive vibes and, as the name already suggests, they motivate other people to be more confident and to improve themselves.

When listening live to a motivational speech, people in the audience tend to try to soak up all the information and some individuals even take notes. They hope to gain as much as possible from the speech for themselves, to learn valuable life lessons, to get a well-intentioned advice. If the speeches are recorded, a good technique to make the most out of the speech is to transcribe it. When you have everything written down, you can study the whole text in detail, make your own notes and go back to each point as much as you want. Try it out and see for yourself!

5. Subtitles

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Maybe you are a video content creator for YouTube, a.k.a. a YouTuber. If you add subtitles to your videos, you could definitely reach more people. Maybe you will reach those who are hearing-impaired (37.5 million Americans report some trouble hearing)? Or people who speak English but aren’t necessary native English speakers? Most likely they won’t be able to understand all the messages you are trying to convey. But if you decide to add subtitles to your videos, those people are more likely to continue to watch your video even if they didn’t quite hear every single word, since it will be much easier for them to understand you properly or to check the words they didn’t know in a dictionary.

If you decide to write the subtitles out yourself, it will be very time-consuming and to be honest, it isn’t quite the most exciting task on earth. But Gglot can help with that. We can easily and quickly transcribe all that has been said in the video. Think outside of the box, and you will reach a wider audience within the blink of an eye.

In today’s fast paced technology-driven society, every minute is valuable. Professionals in every field are striving for ways to become more efficient, productive and constructive. There are many possibilities on how to achieve that aspirations. Using transcripts might be one answer for that. In this article we presented you with some non-conventional usage of transcriptions and how they can facilitate the lives of some professionals. Whether they are a marketing manager trying to repurpose a great promotional video content, a recruiter who has a hard time finding the right fit for a vacancy, an online student or online tutor in search of the optimal way of studying online, a personal development enthusiast eager for improvement or a YouTube content creator who wants to add subtitles to his videos, transcripts can help them to obtain their objectives. There is no need for them to do the transcriptions manually (would it really make any sense then?) nor be very technically savvy to get the transcription done. Just get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you. Gglot has the solution for you!

Maybe you can think of other ways how transcripts can help you to facilitate your professional workday. Get creative and let us know what you think in the comments!