100% Human Made Transcription

Explore GGLOT’s advanced online transcription services for audio and video files, offering 100% human-made accuracy

Human Made Transcription

Do you need A Human Made Transcription?

GGLOT provides an innovative solution in the realm of Human Made Transcription for audio and video files, delivering unparalleled accuracy with a 100% human touch. This service is ideal for professionals who demand the utmost precision and superior quality in their transcriptions.

Utilizing GGLOT’s service is straightforward: simply upload your file to the GGLOT website, and our team of experts will commence their meticulous work. They focus not only on precise transcription but also on capturing the subtleties and nuances of speech, offering a level of quality that surpasses automated transcription services, which frequently overlook critical linguistic details and subtleties.

Academic Transcription with GGLOT

Academic transcription from GGLOT is an essential tool for scholars, educators, and students. This service facilitates working with lectures, interviews, and research materials, providing accurate and comprehensible text copies of audio and video files.

Key advantages include time-saving, improved accessibility of materials for analysis and research, and the convenience of using the GGLOT online platform.

GGLOT offers numerous opportunities for transcribers looking to join our team. We value professionalism and attention to detail, offering competitive terms and a flexible work schedule. 

Cantonese Speech to Text
Human Made Transcription

GRM Transcription with GGLOT

GRM transcription is a unique service offered by GGLOT, designed for those working with grammatically complex languages.

This service is perfect for linguists, researchers, and students needing detailed and accurate transcription.

Benefits of using GRM transcription include high accuracy, preservation of stylistic and grammatical language features, and time and cost savings compared to doing transcription independently.

Unlock Your Audio's Full Potential: Transcription Made Easy with Gglot

Transcription Job at GGLOT

To create transcription in GGLOT, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Video File: Upload your video file to the GGLOT site.
  2. Start the Automatic Video Transcription: Our system will begin converting speech to text.
  3. Edit and Upload the Result: You can edit and customize the subtitles, then upload them back to the platform.

Joining GGLOT gives you access to a variety of projects, team support, and the opportunity to develop your transcription skills

Human Made Transcription
Human Made Transcription

And that’s all!

Within a few minutes, you will have a completely transcribed document readily available. Working as a transcriber at GGLOT, you have witnessed their high level of professionalism and quality of work.


How did we improve people's workflow?

Ken Y.

“GGLOT’s service is a lifesaver for students. Transcribing lectures has never been easier, and it helps me focus more on learning than on taking notes.”

Sabira D.

“The customer support at GGLOT is fantastic. They were very helpful and ensured that my transcription needs were met perfectly.”

Joseph C.

“I used GGLOT for my podcast transcriptions, and the results were phenomenal. It’s helped me reach a wider audience by providing accessible content.”

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Why Choose GGLOT

Choosing GGLOT, you get access not only to cutting-edge transcription technologies but also to a team of professionals. Our service guarantees high accuracy, speed, and ease of use. Don’t miss the chance to simplify your work with media files, register on GGLOT today!