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Happy Scribe uses one of the best speech-to-text technologies to automatically and accurately create both transcripts and subtitles in minutes. However, it's biggest competitor, Gglot, can do it better. Here's why:

We both offer over 100 languages to translate

From English to Chinese to French to Japanese to Russian, Vietnamese…back to English, Both Gglot and Happyscribe’s powerful translators have extensive knowledge in different languages’ lexicons.

We both support an extensive number of file types…

Both our software has no issue transcribing from audio and video formats: whether they be MP3, MP4, M4A, MOV, OGG or ACC.


And give you numerous export options

Whether it’s a DOCX to edit, PDF to read, VTT for your metadata, SBV or  SRT for your captions or just a simple TXT, both of us have you covered.

So what's the difference?

The Price!

Price per minute on
Happy Scribe:
$0.20 a Minute
Price per minute on
Only $0.10 a Minute!

Switch to GGLOT and Save 50% on Translation, Transcription and More

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