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Audext and Gglot may both fill the same niche, but we do it better, and here’s why!

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Какие услуги мы предоставляем?

Auxdext and Gglot offer translation and transcription for your audio and video, but our tools are more versatile. Here’s a comparison of their services compared to ours:

We both offer editors when your transcript is finished

Our softwares use advanced algorithms to determine when and who’s speaking in your transcript, but allow you to change parts of it in the case of inaccuracies or if a bit of flair is required.

Our services are used by professionals

Audext and Gglot are reliable to those working in respected fields: lawyers, journalists, professors and with the power of MDGlot medical professionals use it too. Of course, it isn’t just for professionals. Podcasters, YouTubers and students use our software as well for their creative or academic needs.

Gglot's pricing plan is flexible

Мы предлагаем минуту транскрипции за 20 центов за минуту, в то время как Audext берет пять долларов в час. Наше программное обеспечение идеально подходит для тех небольших видеороликов, для которых вам нужны подписи, но может транскрибировать многочасовые файлы за несколько коротких минут!

Самое главное Однако…

Gglot offers More Translations!

How many languages does Gglot transcribe?

С английского на китайский, на русский, на вьетнамский, на немецкий, пенджабский, турецкий, корейский, французский... и снова на английский, Gglot может перевести и расшифровать ваш файл на более чем 100 языках!

Это так же просто, как 1-2-3

  1. Загрузите MP3, MP4, OGG, MOV и т. д. и выберите язык для расшифровки.
  2. It’ll take a few minutes to complete the transcript, depending on the length and size of your file. Try transcribing your file yourself and see just how fast Gglot can do it!
  3. Proofread and Export. Iron out any errors the transcript might have, add some additionals for flair, and you’re done! The perfect transcript for whatever you need is right at your fingertips.

Still Not Convinced?

Transcription and translation go hand-in-hand; they are both integral for the world to communicate. Fortunately, Gglot’s software does both! Have a movie you need subtitles in English for? Gglot has you covered. Have a client, patient or otherwise who doesn’t speak your language? Gglot has you covered. Used by both professionals and novices alike, our transcription and translation software is affordable, fast and easy to use.

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