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Что такое Гглот?

Gglot is an online transcription service, focused on giving your content extra comprehension by creating subtitles and captions. Using our intuitive software we let your podcasts, videos, interviews, or whatever else you make go that extra mile for your viewers. Unlike our competitors, we do three things better:

We understand human speech

Our algorithms are backed by human transcribers and translators, creating a powerful transcription service that not only knows who’s talking (you, your gaming buddy or the person who just entered your room) but does it at unparalleled accuracy.

We get it done fast

Human transcribers are slow, inefficient- easily distractible. Sometimes you need to re-listen to a portion of audio to make sure you didn’t make a mistake, or perhaps you misspelled a bunch of words- perhaps you have to go do something else entirely. Using Gglot hours of audio can be transcribed in mere minutes, saving you time and energy better spent on making what you love.

We get it done for just the right price

В Vocalmatic нет поминутной ценовой политики: 15 долларов за час и 10 долларов за час, если у вас есть 2-9 часов на расшифровку.

В Gglot вы можете получить все это всего за 0,20 цента в минуту, независимо от того, будут ли ваши подписи на испанском, китайском, итальянском, русском ... или просто на английском языке. Мы гарантируем, что вы сэкономите время и деньги, используя наше программное обеспечение!

Это так же просто, как 1-2-3

  1. Загрузите MP3, MP4, OGG, MOV и т. д. и выберите язык для расшифровки.
  2. It’ll take a few minutes to complete the transcript, depending on the length and size of your file. Try transcribing your file yourself and see just how fast Gglot can do it!
  3. Proofread and Export. Iron out any errors the transcript might have, add some additionals for flair, and you’re done! The perfect transcript for whatever you need is right at your fingertips.

Why Us?

When compared to a human transcriber, algorithms can understand and transcribe speech ten times faster. Accomplish more in less time when you use our hyper-efficient software. Want to implement subtitles into your Youtube video? Gglot has you covered. Want to get a transcript of your podcast to boost searches thru keywords? Gglot has you covered. Had an online meeting that you couldn’t pay full attention to? Gglot has you covered. Upload your file to us and we’ll give you an accurate transcript to read, integrate or publish in no time at all; for less than other services! Instead of Vocalmaticing, try Ggloting instead.

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