How to Transcribe, Translate, Subtitle Video and Audio

🔥 If you are a youtuber, freelancer, have a blog and / or an online course, then pay close attention to this video! Today I’m going to teach you how to transcribe video to text with a Gglot tutorial, but not only that, you’ll also learn how to transcribe audio to text, that is, convert video and audio to text, and also how to translate the transcript and furthermore create subtitles for YouTube using these files!

If you ever wanted to know how to create subtitles for YouTube or if you wanted to know how to transcribe a video automatically and simply, this video is for you. Another thing that is possible, which is also interesting, is to transcribe your videos into texts to become articles on your blog, have you thought about that? It would be a hand on the wheel, don’t you think? So you can make your content have new formats, without necessarily having to create something completely from scratch and thus reusing what you’ve done before!

And there’s more: with subtitles in other languages ​​here on YouTube, you can reach an international audience and earn more financial return through Google Adsense. Today I’m going to introduce you to Gglot, an online platform that does all this and more, in 60 different languages! So stay tuned in this Gglot tutorial that was very complete and will help you a lot to understand what Gglot is, how the whole process works and how to use Gglot in the best possible way to create subtitles for YouTube, online courses, among others.