How to Convert AUDIO and VIDEO to Automatic TEXT

See how to convert any audio and video file to text automatically with Gglot. Very useful tool for YouTube channels, bloggers, online course teachers and freelancers. If you are looking for ways to make money working over the internet with transcriptions and translations, know that Gglot can help you. See how in this video, check it out!

📺Video Sections
0:00 Introduction
0:26 What is Gglot
2:17 How to Register
3:04 How to Transcribe in Gglot
6:43 How to Add Caption on Youtube
7:21 How to Translate Text in Gglot
8:33 Gglot Plans and Values
9:33 How to Earn Referral Link Credits
9:47 How to Use Gglot to Make Money on the Internet
10:19 Monetizing Opinion on Gglot