Convert audio to text with Gglot – How to Automatically Convert Video and Audio to Text

Transcribing audio to text and video to text can be time-consuming and difficult if you do it with your own hands. However, if you use this incredible tool that I present in the video, you will advance your work a lot.

Transcription and translation is something that is very expensive today, if done by a person, and you should ask yourself how to transcribe audio to text quickly and cheaply.

With this application you can even create subtitles for videos on youtube, using a range of over 60 different languages ​​for your translations and transcriptions.

You can transcribe video, lectures, interviews, and the most interesting thing is that you can separate how many people are talking on the audio, the tool does it all for you.

I don’t know of a tool today that transforms audio into text or video into text in such a simple and practical way.

In this video I show you how to make subtitles for quick YouTube videos,
how to put subtitles on youtube in english, portuguese, and several other languages.

Using the Gglot tool, I show you a strategy on How to increase the cpm of the youtube channel with subtitles, How to convert audio to text quickly and How to convert video to text on your computer.

It has never been easier to transcribe your meetings and interviews, audio and video into texts or subtitles for Youtube than in this tool, Gglot.