Converting Keynote Speeches To Text

How To Convert Keynote Speeches To Text By Automated Transcription?

Most public speaking events have a main underlying theme and the talk that establishes that theme is called a keynote. A great way to present the keynote to the audience is through a few real-life examples. A keynote speech tends to be inspiring and it is often the opening speech of a conference or discussion. But keynotes are not always set at the beginning of an event, they can also take place in the middle, as overarching motivation, or at the end, as fading inspiration.

Several keynote speakers can also speak at conferences, symposia and other occasions on one or more, mostly related topics. Most keynote speakers are practitioners from sales, marketing or leadership, or celebrities (e.g. athletes or politicians). Many keynote speakers were or are management consultants, trainers or coaches. Their objective is to educate, entertain, inform, and inspire the audience. Therefore, they are carefully chosen by the event organizer. If you are good at giving keynote speeches you will be able to get the audience into the right mood for the event. Also, you should be able to capture the core of the meeting and be able to underline it to the audience in a short time period.

 In order to do that, the keynote speaker should be willing to spend some time researching the industry, the issues that surround it, and the audience of the event. But on top of that, a keyword speaker needs to deliver the speech in a certain way and with a certain tone, and this has to be practiced, since it is usually not easy to excel in public speaking.

One good way to practice and to become better in giving keynote speeches is to transcribe them by automated transcription. This is not really a common approach, but we will let you know what you can gain from this tactic and why is it worth considering.

The positive points of transcribing keynote speeches

  1. Larger audience

When you are giving your keynote speech, you will have an audience, but chances are it won’t be a really big one. So, you go to the event, you give the speech for which you prepared thoroughly and after that, sure, some people probably are impressed, some might get inspired, for some it might as well be a life changing event, but honestly, that is it, the speech is given and you are done. But what about all those unable to attend? What about something tangible?

Have you ever thought about documenting that speech? It is a great way to ensure that your words live on. You can record it and save it as an audio or video file which is great. It would even be even better if you decide to transcribe it. Transcriptions show all topics that are covered in the speech at a glance compared to audio or video. That way you can put the speech online and reach a much wider audience. Also, maybe some event participants were so blown away by your speech that they want to listen to it more than once. A speech transcript will also be key to attendees who have hearing difficulties, as they have the option to read the transcript later on without the fear of missing valuable information. Also, if a non-native English speaker is listening to your speech, there might be difficulties in comprehension. Here once again, a transcript will ensure some much-needed reinforcement.

Speech documentation will make it easy for you to spread your message worldwide providing the audience with a better understanding of the speech subject. Don’t disappoint those individuals who would be interested in hearing or reading your speech. Keynote speech transcription is a great bonus for all involved.

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2. Avoid misunderstanding

It’s possible that someone from the audience loved the keynote speech and maybe found some parts of the speech to be brilliant. When retelling the particularly meaningful part of the speech later one, that person maybe will not be able to recall the speech as it actually was. Because remembering what a person said once can be hard, and writing notes during an important speech is just too much of a hassle. An official written record of what was actually said can be helpful: if you have a transcription, the speaker’s precise words and its meaning are preserved and this can help to clear up potential misunderstandings.

3. Getting better

Transcriptions are a great tool to improve you speaking skills. Let us explain how. When you are in the process of giving a speech in front of an audience, you are under a lot of stress. It is highly improbable that you will notice mistakes or little imperfections in your speech. When your speech is documented in a written form, it makes it easier to spot those parts. For example, automated transcripts today contain the whole speech, everything you said, including overused words, filler sounds or inappropriate interjections. Those could be words like well, but, and, you know or sounds like ah, uh, er or um. Also, automated transcripts will capture mispronounced words. By having the speech in a written form, you can easily determine what your weak points are and what points you still need to work on. Looking at a transcribed speech and doing a self-analysis of your style and pronunciation could really make a better speaker out of you. If you transcribe your speeches every time you do them, you can compare them and notice the progress you are making. After some time, your speeches will seem casual, polished and effortless.

4. Opportunities will arise

Here is one more bonus point of automated transcription which is not obvious right away, but it makes perfect sense if you consider it carefully. If you are working on your public speaking skills by transcribing your speeches, someone will notice your hard work and you will strike them as a devoted, committed enthusiast. Your boss will for sure recognize that you are improving and that your speeches are getting better. This might get you some bonus points in the company. You could even climb the ladder on account of that and get a better position in your company.

Also, maybe you will be heard speaking at an event and get a job offer from a different company. Good speakers are hard to find and they are much appreciated in a lot of working environments. 

5. Opportunities for self-employed individuals

Keynote speeches transcripts will not only be beneficial if you are working for someone else, but also if you are working for yourself. It might get you new opportunities in the form of new clients.

For example, if you are a motivational speaker, you get paid if you give a speech at an event. If you have your speeches transcribed you can send samples of your speeches to potential costumers so they can get an idea how your speeches look like. Also, if they are happy with your performance, they might recommend you to a colleague simply by forwarding your speech to them. It will become more convenient for you to spread your idea and land a job when you have your speech transcribed.

On top of that, it you transcribe it, your speech can be repurposed and used, for example, as promotion material, meaning it can serve as an excellent and lasting source of positive publicity. Because, fact is that you worked hard to prepare your speech in order to inspire your audience. Why not make the most out of it? Save yourself time and repurpose the content you already created.

If you consider posting your speech on your website, you can also improve the site’s ranking on Google and that can lead to more traffic. The title, tags and even the description of an audio or video file will help with SEO, but they will never do as good of a job as the entire transcript of the speech. If you want to increase the number of visitors to your website, speech transcriptions are the way to go.

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As you can see there are many reasons why a written record is a valuable resource. Why not try it out and discover it for yourself?

What you need to keep in mind

  • The recording device should be of good quality. If you are recording with your phone, it is a good idea to use an attachable, external microphone.
  • The recording device should be close to the speaker with minimal interference.
  • Inform the audience about the web address where they will be able to find the speech later on.
  • Chose a reliable transcription service provider. Gglot offers top notch automated transcription services.

So, how can I get an automated transcription?

By transcribing your keynote speeches, you can improve your public speaking skills, but it can also help you to improve your business. With today’s technology transcribing your keynote speeches has never been simpler. Chose Gglot! The whole process of automated transcription is very simple.

First of all, you need to go to our homepage, click on try Gglot and create an account via your e-mail. After that you simply upload your speech and submit it. Also, we have a visual editor that makes it possible for you to make real-time adjustments. In the end you just need to export the prepared transcripts in the format of your choice and the automated transcription of your keynote speech is done.