How to PUT SUBTITLES on Youtube with Ggplot (transcribe audio / video to editable text and subtitles)

This is Gglot, a tool that anyone can use to transcribe podcasts, courses, interviews, sermons, and speeches that are in audio or video format.

Having that information in editable text format can help you create content for websites, such as: interesting articles, blog posts, and homework to name a few benefits.

Also, you have the option to put subtitles on your own YouTube videos in any language so that you can reach more people.

What are the benefits of putting subtitles on YouTube videos?

This is great, as subtitles increase the retention of your videos, help your audience better understand the information you are giving them, and allow your videos to appear more frequently in Google search results, which translates into more views for your channel and you can also get more subscribers, no matter what language they speak.

How to create an account at Gglot?

Creating an account at Gglot is FREE. You enter the page

Click the Try GGLOT button. You will need to register your name, email, password, answer the question and accept the terms and conditions, or use your Google account to automatically register.

Right away you can see the dashboard or in Spanish “the instrument panel”.

How to make a transcript in Gglot?

To make a transcription in Gglot the process is very simple, if you have an audio or video file saved on your computer or other device, you just have to upload it directly in this space. The formats that are accepted are: MP3, WAV, MP4, AVI, MOV and WMV to name a few.

Or, type the URL of a YouTube video in the space provided.

My suggestion is to go to YouTube, choose a video and press share, that way we copy the URL and then paste it directly into Gglot.

How do I add a balance to my Gglot account?

To add balance to your Gglot account, you have to go to the Payments option found in the menu on the left and then choose the amount you want to add, for example, $ 10 dollars will be enough for the purposes of this tutorial, where we will put subtitles in several languages ​​to one of my YouTube videos and we will put out a text for my personal blog. This in order to increase the audience of the channel and improve the views.

The great thing about using Gglot is that you have everything you need in one place: Transcription, Multilanguage Translation and a file converter all managed in one place.

Another benefit that you can take advantage of is inviting a friend and receiving a $ 5 gift to continue using the service every time you need it.

How to create YouTube subtitles with Gglot?

To create YouTube subtitles with Gglot, we continue in the option transcripts of the menu on the left and as you can see on the screen we already have the video loaded, ready to use.

We press the button “Get automatic transcription”.

When the process is finished, the green button that says “Open” will appear.
We will immediately have access to the editable transcript.

Next, we enter YouTube Studio and then the subtitles section, as shown on the screen.

In the subtitles dialog box, press the three dots that appear next to the Edit as text option and choose the Upload file and Continue option. We select the file with the subtitles that we have just created with Gglot and that’s it.

We go back to Gglot to create the translations in all the desired languages.

How to Export a transcript in Gglot for my personal blog?

To Export a transcription in Gglot press the Export button, select Word format or plain text. This will generate the file that you can use for your personal blog.

The tool is useful for YouTube content creators, companies or individuals who want to generate written content for their web pages, teachers, students and users who need to transcribe podcasts, interviews, sermons and speeches.

Check the subscription plan that is most suitable for you, if you do not want to be charging a balance. You will surely find one that is according to your needs.