How to multiply content with the Gglot tool / How to create content for all Social Networks

Those who live on the internet know the importance of producing quality content, if you are part of this Parallel Digital Universe you also already know how hard it is to create personalized content for each social network.

A smart way out is to multiply content, and for that I decided to share an incredible tool that will help in this task, called GGLOT.
Link: https: // …

You can multiply audio / video content to text.
Convert any audio or video file to text, there are 60 languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Danish and more.

You need to keep in mind, people like to consume content in different formats and locations. So your audience will be spread across the various engagement zones that exist, and then what is the catch to help you reach as many people as possible – Multiply Content.

In other words, you choose 1 main place that you will focus most of your energy to develop new content, in my case it is YouTube, and the other social networks you can take advantage of that content that has already been created. So from a youtube video you can make several posts on instagram or IGTV, you can put it on facebook (just enjoy the video file).

Or you can even multiply this content for a blog article, and with Gglot you can do it quickly. See the article I show in the video: https: // …

In addition, GGLOT helps you improve the SEO of your YouTube Channel SEO, because you can make a complete description with the transcript.

Good! Watch the entire video to get all the tips. And if you happen to be that person who wants to work as an affiliate, but doesn’t want to appear, invest in the idea of ​​multiplying content and have a blog, apply all the tactics in the video … I’m sure you will have good results!

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