How to convert audio / video to text? Automatically convert audio or video to a text format using | How to generate subtitles in other languages ​​for your YouTube videos.
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How can I transcribe audio to text? Do you need to convert a video / audio file to text format and don’t know how to do it? Gglot is a professional tool that allows you to convert video or audio files to a text format, so that this text corresponds to the transcription of the dialog that may exist in these original video / audio files. And also, that text can be saved in PDF, TXT or EXCEL format. But Gglot also offers you the possibility of converting the content of your video / audio files to subtitles that can be uploaded to YouTube.

Do you want to learn how to convert the words of a video or audio to a text format? Then what you need is a professional transcription tool like Gglot, which allows you to automatically transcribe all the existing dialogue in a video, converting these words into a text format.

GGLOT REVIEW: In this video we introduce you to its tool and we explain how to use its panel / dashboard to make video / audio to text transcriptions. And it also shows how we can translate a previously transcribed file and much more … For example, Gglot will allow you to convert an interview or recording to a text format, using its Artificial Intelligence technology applied to the transcription of audios to text.

How to create subtitles in other languages ​​for YouTube videos. Increase the reach of your videos by generating subtitles in several languages, which are accurate and suitable for your YouTube videos. With Gglot you can also generate subtitle files to add them to your videos, so that you can translate your videos into 60 other languages ​​currently supported by Gglot. Without a doubt, a very useful tool … It is worth a try.

I recommend that you visit the Gglot website and discover its tool, which works very well and I am convinced that it will be of great help to you in your transcription tasks.