The 2020 Speech to Text Report is Now Here (New Research Report)

We’ve gathered an examination report with bits of knowledge on how business experts use Speech to Text services in their work processes. In our detailed report, we overviewed 2,744 dynamic clients over various businesses to reveal insight into patterns and use cases for speech technologies.

In this unique research report on how the quickly developing Speech to Text market is advancing, we overviewed 2,744 experts across nine industries around the world including Media and Entertainment, Education, Marketing and Advertising, Market Research, Software and Internet, Legal, Government, Medical, and eLearning. Through these discussions we revealed detailed data about the use, benefits, spend, and ROI affected by Speech to Text services. 

Along with these reviews, we likewise searched out and talked with speech recognition experts about advancements in accessibility, compliance, security, and developing innovations as they relate to Speech to Text services, for example, transcription, closed captions, and foreign subtitles. 

The 2020 Speech to Text Report: What’s Inside?

– Download the full Speech to Text Report to access the following research and analysis:

  • Presentation and Methodology 
  • Overview Participants by Industry 
  • Key Takeaways 
  • State of Accessibility and Compliance Laws in Speech to Text Applications 
  • State of Security in Speech to Text Companies 
  • The Rise of Automated Speech Recognition
  • Speech to Text by the Numbers
  • Frequency of Use by Industry 
  • Top Features that Impact Vendor Selection
  • Anticipated Change in Spend by Service
  • Percent of Content Converted Using Speech to Text Services
  • Client Sentiment Analysis

– Speech to Text is a basic piece of our work process:

  • Increased profitability by utilizing Speech to Text 
  • We have encountered positive ROI from Speech to Text
  • Top Industry Breakdown 
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Instruction 
  • Showcasing and Advertising
  • Statistical surveying 
  • Outline and Conclusion

Speech to Text Technology is Here to Stay

Speech to Text services will keep on being an important part of work processes for experts over a differing scope of ventures. Among the numerous advantages that the utilization of speech services offer are a gigantic time and cost investment savings. 

Along with these benefits, speech to text innovation has likewise made some significant upgrades to the availability and circulation of web, video, and sound content. As the interest for this kind of content develops, so will the utilization of speech to text services.

Because of that, various organizations will invest in third party speech services that integrate transcription, captions, and subtitles into their product and educational contributions. This pattern can be seen anywhere from famous social platforms like Facebook to scholastic settings like auditoriums and eLearning entries. 

We trust this report fills in as a helpful asset for those interested in the developing speech to text market. In the case that you have more questions about how your organization can benefit from these advances, our team is always here to help you. Feel free to contact us at anytime at