SEO Benefits to Video Transcription

Video transcription can sometimes feel really complicated, especially for the people with no previous experience in this field. But that is not a given, you can avoid a lot of hassle if you outsource this task to proven transcription service providers like Gglot. You can gain a lot from transcriptions of your video content; your website can benefit greatly from Search Engine Optimization and it can do wonders for your rankings at Google Search. And that’s just the start! Starting from basic benefits like link building and lower bounce rates, we will explain step by step how the transcription of video content can help in building best SEO practices.

When you start optimizing your search results, the benefits will soon arise in various aspects of your business. The increase in traffic will eventually create more and more leads, which will in turn generate more and more sales, resulting in the overall revenue increase. It does not matter if you’re a beginner or a skilled expert in the dynamic field of search marketing, transcription of videos is a tried and proven strategy that can bring an immense number of benefits after it is implemented.


Algorithm that is used by Google has more than a hundred of ranking factors, and they determine your place in the overall search results. It is because of this that it can seem somewhat difficult to build an efficient SEO strategy. A good start would be to begin by the location of your audience. It does not matter what niche you are in or what is the product you are trying to sell; your audience will be consuming their chosen content through video format. That’s why transcripts for videos are important to search marketing.

The main benefits that transcription of video content brings:

1. Higher ranking in search results

2. Increased amount of traffic

3. Opportunities for link building

4. More time that can be spent watching, with overall decrease of bounce rates

Video Content is the future

With that being said, let’s now discuss why are the transcription so important and crucial. As we already mentioned in the paragraph above, your customers are mostly watching video content. According to some rough estimates, an average person will spend more than hour and a half per day on watching online video content. If you’re not already using video content as a crucial part of your online marketing strategy, it is about time that you start.

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It is no secret that consumers crave interaction with their content. It does not matter if the content is in the form of audio or video, every consumer wants something that will captivate and engage their attention in a meaningful way. The reason for this is that due to hypervariability of various digital content, everyone is at all times exposed to constant barrage of various advertisements. Consumers have to be extra careful when picking what content they really want to consume and interact with. It is for this reason that you have to offer content that stands out and gives additional value to the customer.

Why Use Video Transcription?

As we stated already, having video content of high quality is very important, but did we explain the important role of transcription? When you provide an accurate transcription alongside your video content, you can be sure that this will boost engagement of your audience, resulting in better outreach very soon. The audience wants to consume their chosen content fast, they want to get the point as soon as possible, but sometimes video content can be a bit slow; it takes a certain time to tell a particular story in this manner.

Transcripts are very useful when it comes to helping customers when they want to follow along or when they need to quickly discern the main point of the video content, in order to discern if it is relevant to them. Transcripts also allow content to be shared in a much easier way.  One of the most important benefits, however, is that transcription and closed captions, when added to video content can be of great help to people who are hard of hearing or are currently located somewhere where it can be difficult to hear something (it can be a noisy coffee shop, crowded train or a bus). It is for this reason that transcripts are a very convenient way to expand the potential reach of your valuable video content, because you can connect with those users who, under other circumstance would not be able to properly   engage with video content that does not have transcripts or closed captions included.

Video content is appealing to the audience, but its main drawback is that it cannot be crawled by search engines.

The artificial intelligence that guides the complicated algorithms of Google is quite impressive, but it is still not capable of some things, due to the format of the content. It is still not able to determine the meaning of visual image, it cannot include video content in its search results because that kind of content cannot be crawled by its search algorithm. It is for this reason why it is so important to include tags alongside your images, and in exactly same way transcripts are very useful when added alongside your video content.

In short, when a transcript is added to the video content, it can allow Google search engine to examine the content of that video and classify what kind of the subject matter is it dealing with. When there is no transcription alongside video, the crawler has no means of determining the context, and will resort to automatic classification. This will result in your content having a much lower visibility and is really bad for your SEO rating. It is extremely important to always give search engine crawlers and your audience as much information as you can on the nature of your video content. It is for this reason why transcription is useful, it gives this info to the crawlers and customers, resulting in many business benefits.

As we already mentioned, there are many, many benefits regarding SEO that result from adding transcription to your video content. SEO is a crucial factor when it comes to the online visibility of your business. We will discuss 4 of these benefits in the rest of the article.

1. Transcription Helps Your Overall Video Ranking

Transcripts can help the overall rank of your content in many, many ways, but the gist of it all is that they create content that Google or any other search engine is able to crawl and classify. When crawling the content, these engines search for any kind of key indicator, something that can indicate why this particular content might be useful for the people who use the search engine. If you provide a video transcription, you are automatically including potential keywords that search engines like Google can find and then rank.

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2. Transcription is useful when it comes increasing site traffic

Ranking of your content is intertwined with the potential traffic when it comes to SEO. If one part of this equation is increased, this will also affect the other. When transcriptions result in better ranking of your page, this will also result in more traffic being redirected to your page, and vice versa.  If your keywords have good positions in Google search results, if they are closer to first ten positions in search ranking, this will result in more and more traffic and potential clicks to the landing pages of your websites, and your video content.

3. Transcription is useful when it comes to opportunities for link-building

Any kind of good link-building strategy includes both the internal and the external links, which means that you are effectively providing links to the content that is included inside your domain, while at the same time you are also trying to persuade various other external sites to provide links that come back to you. Video transcripts are useful for both parts of this process.

When it comes to the linking of internal parts, transcription of your content will allow you to place links to any kind of content on your site that is relevant. For example, if the content of your video is about discussing features of a certain product, you might place a link to that specific product on your site.  When you place these links, you in a way create a kind of web which can be navigated by your customer.

When it comes to any kind of external links, most studies indicate that consumers have a general preference for content that includes images, video and various lists. Most customers have an innate need to share the content they consumed with others, and this is why the content must be easy to share and as compelling as possible. 

4. Transcriptions can be useful when it comes to lowering potential bounce rates

When you put video transcripts alongside your content, this will result in increasing potential engagement and audience outreach. Your bounce rates can also shrink, and even the average time a potential consumer spends on your page can increase. Transcriptions are great because they automatically provide more potential content for any kind of customer to consume.