How to Convert Transcription Into Art

Transcription and art

The digitalized world of today is moving at ever increasing pace, internet has become integrated into every part of our lives, and with it an incredible amount of information, ideas and material. And more often than not, this content isn’t a 100% original, but some kind of mix of already existing content, merged or edited version of something that was already there. But the end result isn’t supposed to be an uninspiring bad copy of great masterpieces, but rather it should give the piece of art a new context, perspective and most of all, it should still be creative. Think of various remixes, remakes, new versions, adaptations and many other attempts to revisit the older content from a contemporary perspective.

Even famous brands are prone to encourage remixing. This way the picture of the consumer shifts from a passive to an active link in the chain. Older content and products get revisited and remade according to constantly shifting demands of customers, giving them a more participatory role in the whole process of production and consumption.

This trend of revisitation content can be especially pertinent to you if you are developing a business and want try out remixing audio or video content for marketing purposes with the intent to make it more appealing to contemporary audience. One of the most parts of the remaking process is adding transcription alongside your audio and video content, and it this article we will explain various methods of transcription and all the possible benefits that bringing transcription into your content production could bring to you. 

Video and audio content are very effective ways of communication and promotion. The attention span of today’s consumers isn’t their stronger asset, most people are already accustomed to content being of specific length, so if your content is too long, they might give up listening or hearing your content midway. Therefore, it quite important that your promotional material is short, interesting and sweet.  Videos give you pictures and sounds so they can easily capture someone’s interest. This way it is easier to have an impact on the audience when you are engaging with more than one sense, any multimedia content has a significant advantage at the start.  Also, people today are very busy and chronically lacking time, this is why they like to consume content while doing something else. So, videos are a great way to reach many people and a very important part of marketing strategies nowadays.

It is important to keep in mind that due to various circumstances videos are in a large number watched while on mute. This is why closed captions play an important role. Providing transcription is a great first step in assuring that your content is accessible even when the sound is turned on. If you want to go a step further, it is quite convenient to make subtitles or closed captions if you already have a good and precise transcription of everything that was said in your audio or video content.

Audio material is even more practical. You can do whatever you want while consuming it and we know that nowadays multitasking is big. Some people like to listen to audio content while they are doing their everyday chores, walking, jogging or cycling outside, or even before going to sleep.

The popularity of podcasts is skyrocketing. Many Americans like to follow podcasts so this could be a great opportunity for you to get out of your comfort zone and promote your business or your project in a different way. The main advantage of podcasts is that most of them are published on a regular basis, mostly weekly or monthly, and if your content is of good enough quality, you can count on some regular viewers or listeners becoming your regular followers. Having a solid base of regular followers is great for your internet visibility, and they might even recommend your content to their friends and acquaintances. Do not underestimate the power of word of mouth recommendation. People who listen regularly to a certain podcast like to talk about it and spread their enthusiasm with other people. Think of it as networking.

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If you want to maximize your effort of creating a quality video or audio file, you can repurpose your content. Maybe you can use the transcript of you podcast to write an interesting blog article. Infographics are also a great way to recap and explain your thoughts further. You should keep in mand that many people are more visual typed of learners and that it is easier for them to understand a message when it is expanded with pictures. Try to be creative and repurpose your original content. This way you can reach more potential followers, work on your SEO, highlight your message. You can also cut and paste some of the more interesting parts of your video or audio content as quotes on social networks, further improving your visibility and creating a suspenseful interest and curiosity in your content that can only be quenched when the people watch or listen the entire episode of your podcast. However, like many things that we will describe later on in this article, this procedure can be immensely simplified if you already have a good transcription of your audio or video content.

If your line of work is connected with aesthetics, art of any kind, you can try to repurpose your audio or video content in order to convey your message in a more subtle way and even create art out of it. Art is meant to be suggestive and stimulate people to think. To create visual art, you should be very attentive to details, and use your creative imagination to give some finishing editing touches to the content that you have at your disposal.

So, we suggest that you start by finding the original video or audio file that you want to repurpose to create art. You can use a file you’ve done by yourself, or even a famous speech or extracts from a movie or something similar. Now you need to transcribe the content.

There are many possibilities when it comes to transcriptions. You can use automated transcription services done by machines or give the job to trained professional human transcribers. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Automated transcription services are fast and cheap, but they don’t tend to be as accurate. It is often a case that after receiving a transcription made by one of these automatic transcription services you need do double check the entire text in order to correct some parts that were misheard, misunderstood or not transcribed in exactly appropriate manner.  Human transcribers can’t be as fast as machine transcription service providers, they are more expensive but they are very accurate (up to 99%). Our transcription service is called Gglot, and we employ a team of trained transcription professionals with years of experience in handling even the most demanding transcription tasks. Gglot offers a great service for a fair price. If accuracy of your transcriptions is important to you, get back to us. All you need to do is to upload your file and leave the rest to us. A very precise and reliable transcription of your audio or video content will arrive soon.

Now, you got your transcription and now what? Maybe you think that you don’t have it in you to produce art, we also have a solution.

No matter what exactly you are trying to achieve with your art, you can talk about it with a professional artist and maybe even start a fruitful collaboration. You can work close together, so you are sure that you will achieve what you intended to. Maybe you can also take on a suggestion or two and be positively surprised by the end result.

Now, try to get inspired.

1. If you want to create something visually dynamic try to put together a collage. For this you can use inspiring quotes, photographs, maps, anything you feel like. This is inspired by the European 20th century dadaism. Try to connect something that was never linked together before, give randomness a chance, there are no limits or rules when applying this approach.

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2. When you are trying to illustrate a quote, you don’t need to be literal. You can try to capture the feeling of the quote by various interesting visuals without expressing something specific. Some things are by their very nature inexpressible, ineffable, sublime and transcendent, and can only be hinted at. There is an air of mystery in all the great art that transcends normal visual perception and gives rise to imagination and intuition.  

3. If you are into origami you can try to repurpose origami wedding vows and artistically display them.

4. If you want to document the story of your grandparents you can try to inspire them to talk about their past. This you can do by using old family pictures of different events. Record their story on tape, transcribe the story and make a blog out of it. Don’t forget to incorporate the family pictures. Also, you can embed inspiring old songs from the period they are talking about. Make sure to evocate that warm atmosphere of nostalgia and good old days, everyone loves that.

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Making art out of your audio or video content can inspire you as well as your audience. You will be happy to see the results. Why not try Gglot today for your transcription needs!